TOP 5 CALIBRATION GAS MIXTURE SUPPLIERS in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam

There are various types of gases available in the market like air, helium etc. Out of all these, there is also a type of gas, which is known as calibration gas.

What is calibration gas and calibration gas mixture?

A calibration gas is nothing but a gas or mixture of gas, which is used as a reference gas in calibrating various analytical instruments. These instruments are named as gas analyzers and gas detectors. The nature of the calibration gas should be very carefully defined and it should be of proper composition. Its composition can be like a zero gas or span gas.

Uses of calibration gas mixture

  1. Calibration gas mixture is used for calibration of measuring instruments like gas detectors.
  2. Calibration gas mixture also plays a very important role in various technologies and experimental test where this gas mixture is required in very small quantities.

Calibration gas mixtures suppliers

Different types of calibration gas mixtures available in market

Below are the 4 types of calibration gas mixtures:

  1. Non reactive single gas mixture
  2. Non reactive 2 gas mixtures
  3. Non reactive multi calibration gas mixture
  4. Reactive multi calibration gas mixture.

Different gases used for calibration gas mixtures are as follows:

  1. Benzene
  2. Butane
  3. Carbon dioxide
  4. Carbon Monoxide
  5. Ethylene
  6. Hexane
  7. Hydrogen
  8. Nitrogen
  9. Oxygen
  10. Isobutylene
  11. Methane
  12. Pentane etc.

  Various calibration gas mixture suppliers and their specialties

  1. Argus-Hazco –This Company deals with all industrial, safety and environmental monitoring equipment’s and also provides services.
  1. Linde LLC – Murray Hill, NJ –They provide various services to clients like shielding and fuel gases for welding works and also deal with calibration gas mixture and some other high priority gases. It deals with Voc calibration gas mixtures.
  1. Chemtron science laboratory Pvt Ltd- They have number of calibration gas mixtures which are made by gravimetric / volumetric methods keeping in mind national and international standards.Kenind Logo
  1. D gas- They offer wide range of gases, which are used in different types of appliances. They have calibration gas mixture for PFT machine, which consists mixture of carbon dioxide, oxygen, helium and balance nitrogen.
  1. KEN Industrial gases PTE ltd- This Company is established since 1980. It is leading calibration gas mixture supplier in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. They are having a variety of mixtures, which can be used, in all types of analytical instruments and detectors.

Get Quality Gas Cylinder Easily In Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

Gas cylinders are basically tanks used for storing gases at above atmospheric pressure. These are also known by different names like bottled gas or liquefied petroleum gas. Gas cylinders are normally made using steel or composite materials, which need to generate an anti-corrosive product. These cylinders are heavy or light based on their size, material usage and manufacturing process.

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The quality and security of each cylinder created, anywhere in the world, needs to undergo a product test. After the test and verification, these cylinders are usually stamped or marked permanently with details pertaining to the manufacturing and the respective regulation requirements. Cylinders are also colour coded as per identification guidelines. These cylinders have a valve to regulate or stop the gas release. Different cylinders are collected in as per distinct requirements of the gas storage.

Calibration gas mixtures suppliers

Safety precautions are a must for any gas cylinder usage. These cylinders are used commercially for various lab testing’s or at home for cooking. The gas cylinder Singapore market provides a wide range of merchandise to choose from. They also provide home delivery benefits, 24 hour service and discounts along with following safety rules as well as supplying them within the timeline thus making the gas cylinder Singapore supply process comfortable and easy.